Every piece of locaro clothing produced contains a part of herself along with messages that represent her life!!


Support somebody who puts not only dope ideas and messages but her own heart into her clothes.

Des designs fous, de très bonne qualité, le t-shirt fait sentir cette partie de l'âme de Locaro quand elle a créé ces t-shirts! Vraiment fier d'en porter un!

Japones Preto

BF - Brazil

Meu sentimento de usar uma peça de locaro e simplesmente incrível. Porque tem cada energia dos ligares que ela ja passou feita por pessoas com muito amor em cada camisas e muito stay fresh sentimental porque todos os estilo tem uma mensagem de vida e historia que te faz mas feliz.

"The beautiful thing about locaro clothing is that every piece has it's own story. a story that had a positive outcome, which is printed on the shirts and hoodies to remind you of the good things in life."



 That Song, who made me survive 

Music is the magical power it brings you to different places,

it makes you fly and forget your worries, it can be healing and

makes you be just in the moment.


Back a few years ago this song gave be power to keep going. I listen to it over and over again. Till now, my Music2survive song. And the reason why the Music2surive Shirt exists, and I guess why I'm still alive. 





There is so much about music we have to know

Artist passin away and its to late to get to know more about them,

i do believ we have to digging deeper and found out more about who is playing  for the artist we like, it takes more than just one people, in this link you can found lots of interessting things about lots of artist. If you have anything you wana share let me know.



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