"not giving up and Keep flowing"

The Streetwear label LOCARO just happened 'cause of life.

Out of a heavy injury on Loca s spin.

Giving up wasn't a solution when you can't go your way like you want, you have to find a solution and be strong.


Loca makes shirts to share a message, representing what she believes in and what she stands for.





The Label LOCARO started in 2013 because of an unexpected turn in life.

Bgirl LOCA from Switzerland was living in China in an art school, but on occasion, while training she injured her spine so badly that her right arm was paralyzed. 

She had to cut her learnings short and was forced to stop dancing for a while. In order to get back on track and cope with her situation, she had to discover different ways to express herself. She listened to a lot of music, painted and philosophized

a lot about life. This gave rise to the project of the clothing label LOCARO.


She never thought that she would have her own clothing Brand, but out of her history, she keeps going spreading her thoughts and learnings out of life.





When it isn't possible to work with Organic cotton, Locaro Clothing also supports small local companies around the globe. LOCA connects with the communities and builds with local artists instead of only pressing a button. Recycling is always a big topic throughout the production of Locaro where the majority of the production is done by herself.

Locaro taking a step forward to raise

awareness, have an impact and be more sustainable.

Alone we can do everything, but together even more! Thank you 

for caring about our planet.


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